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Looking for a speaker who is going to challenge your audience’s perceptions?

Sustainability isn’t just a trending topic. It’s something that we all need to engage with doing business in 2024 and beyond.

About me

Meet Cat Ekkelboom-White

  • Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership Course in Sustainable Marketing, Media & Creative
  • Certified Coach & NLP Practicioner

Speaking Topics Include:

Sustainability Challenges in the Photography Industry

What are the sustainability challenges of running a photography business? I’ll unpack some of the key challenges and solutions for change.

Sustainable Marketing

Marketing techniques haven’t changed in years, but our society has. I’ll introduce your audience to the concepts of sustainable marketing and how it relates to their business.

Building A Purpose-Driven Business

How to use your business and your creativity as a platform to create positive change in the world.

Previous speaking engagements:

Way Up North

Speaking on stage at Europe’s largest photography conference on building an aligned niche business.

Book More Weddings Summit

Online conference for wedding professionals on the benefits of niching.


Online webinar for photographers on building a niche brand.

Narrative Podcast

Sustainable Photography: The Intersection of Ethics and Environment.

Archipelago Photography podcast

Discussing adventure elopements and the importance of Leave No Trace.

Sustainable Photography Podcast

How niching down can help your photography business.