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Carbon Footprint Calculator for Photographers

Trying to calculate your carbon footprint as a photographer can be particularly challenging. Most calculators out there are focused either on the personal sphere or built more with the needs of larger businesses in mind.

For photographers, videographers and other visual media creatives, many of us work from home or a shared co-working or studio space. We travel to our clients for much of our work, and our “product” is often delivered digitally.

The Photographers for People & Planet carbon footprint calculator has been created with photographers’ needs (and videographers) in mind. Use this spreadsheet to find out where your biggest areas of impact are, so that you can make an action plan to reduce your emissions.

How to use this calculator

  1. Click on the link below to access the master document.
  2. Click File > Save A Copy
  3. Enter your own data into the orange cells to calculate the carbon footprint of your photography business.

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